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WinqBid believes in producing winners! We do this by helping you get more for less. When we see a great hotel with a room that will remain vacant for the night, we know there is no winner in that situation (and we seriously distaste waste). So we want to give you the opportunity to be a winner by taking advantage of this opportunity for a better travel experience. Like the spontaneously booked motel getaway that somehow turned into a five star hotel stay with too many amenities to count, or like the business meeting that went so incredibly well because you impressed your clients with the luxurious hotel you’re staying in. By allowing you to bid on vacant rooms, WinqBid brings you amazing hotel deals at incredibly low rates directly on your mobile device, for tonight, tomorrow and anytime up to a week out.


Because everybody wants to be a winner and get more for less! But nobody wins when a hotel room is left empty and bidding for a better quality experience just makes more sense than paying more and settling for less. Not only are rates better because the rooms might otherwise go unsold, but wining a higher quality consumer experience at a discounted rate gives you the opportunity to have an experience that would otherwise be out of your budget to indulge in. Like that budgeted trip to Vegas that somehow also turned into a pampered luxury stay at a top rated hotel. Like the spontaneously booked motel getaway for this coming weekend in Lake George that somehow ended up being a stay at a five star hotel with too many amenities to count. Like the business meeting that went well because you impressed your clients with the hotel you’re staying in. These are just some of the many reasons to go for the win and get the best your money can buy!
“Last Minute” means that you can bid on a hotel stay that is within a week, while auctions labelled “Tonight” are for same day check-in (with bidding beginning as early as the midnight before check-in).
While “Tonight” auctions are a perfect way to get a great price at a great hotel, we also offer “Last Minute” auctions of up to 7 days out in order to empower even people who need more planning and have less flexibility in their scheduling. Up to a week out makes sense to us for finding that perfect balance between efficient planning and great deal making.
Yes! In fact, you must choose a room type since bidding is room specific and you are guaranteed the chosen room type or better. However, that being said, in order to bring you the best last-minute rates possible, some hotels will offer bidding on an unspecified room category, in which case this will clearly be stated. In such an event, your room type will be assigned at check-in.
Every auction shows how much time is left until the bidding is over and winners are notified. As long as the auction is live, you may continue to place a new bid. Typically, auctions will end sometime before the hotel’s check-in time, although some may end in the evening time.
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